DevOps skills the teams must possess

DevOps refers to “Development” combined “operations” and it is very much an evolving field as of now. The idea of DevOps basically revolves around inter-departmental association, constant communication, and continuous development. As a matter of fact, these are the essentials of efficient and successful software development sequences. The DevOps managers and engineers are skilled enough as they combine their skills with the best practices of DevOps.

But working on this DevOps team is not a cakewalk for everyone. The DevOps skills are not present in everyone and the people who work on these platforms need to have certain attributes which will help them succeed in future.

Mentioned below are the skills which are required for a DevOps engineer that a Hiring manager is on a lookout for:

1.       Competencies – For any role, competencies are necessary. So for a starter, you can look for either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree and also some relevant experience of the same. But, in case, you are hiring a pro and experienced person, you need to sure that the candidate is true to his salt. When building a team, one must ensure that the IT and development teams are working in conjunction with each other. The main competencies of DevOps are as under:

    1. Association
    2. Mechanization
    3. Incessant integration
    4. Incessant testing
    5. Incessant delivery
    6. Incessant monitoring

The integration, testing, delivery and monitoring are important for IT and development teams and hence they must possess skills to monitor and improve the process.

2.       Soft Skills – Undoubtedly the qualifications are very crucial but so is the cultural fit. The DevOps skills require combination of operations and development team to break down the barriers and have open communication. Likewise, forward thinking and innovation are equally important for the companies and therefore the candidates must be well-versed with all the new trends in the industry to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. The communication process is hence very collaborative and the candidate must also understand the point of view of the company so that they can relate to the vision and mission of the company. Besides, the candidates must be interested in self-enhancement as well and they must have a desire to speed up and excel.


3.       Strong technical competency – People with DevOps skills are highly competent and very technical. While selecting these people for the roles in your company you must lay down various kinds of skills and experience levels required so that the expectations of the candidates can also be outlined. This activity by the HR is very essential in order to weed out overqualified and under qualified candidates. Some examples of the experience levels and skills are as under:

·         Proficiency in high-level script languages such as Ruby and Python

·         Strong experience of building and maintaining production systems on AWS using EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, Cloud Formation, etc.

·         Experience with continuous integration, testing, and deployment

·         Good Experience in administering Linux (Centos, RHEL, Ubuntu) systems

·         Experience with hardware and software firewalls, IPS, WAF, and additional security layers

·         Understanding of ITIL terminology such as “incident” and “problem”

·         Experience with RDBMS (PostgreSQL and MySQL)